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New York’s Five Themes of Geography






 The location of New York City is;

Map of New York

 Absolute location:

  •  New York City, NY
  • Latitude: 40* N Longitude: 74* W


Relative Location:

  •  Northeast Region
  • One of the three Islands of Manhattan
  • North of the Kings, NY
  • North east of Richmond, NY
  • Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Kings
  • Ellis Island is located to southwest of the City



 The types of things located in or on New York City are;

 Physical Characteristics:


Human Characteristics:

  • Times Square
  • One of the most energy efficient states in the US
  • Big trading City

    The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

  • More completed skyscrapers in the USA and running second in the world to  Hong Kong        
  • Woolworth Building
  • Chrysler Building
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Central Park Conservatory Garden
  • Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater
  • China Town
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art               
  • Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
  • Grand Central Station  
  • Hudson River Park
  • River Bank, New York State Park
  • Roberto Clemente, New York State Park



Times Square

There are many different people, goods, ideas, money, ect, that move in and out of New York, such as;  

  • The Tourist’s Money comes in from everywhere in the United states, because of New York being such a huge tourist attraction.
  • Tourists from all around the world come to see the historical and modern day attractions New York City has to offer bringing different types of people from all over who want to see different types of things.
  • Immigrants
  • Cultures
  • Government’s Ideas
  • Many Marketing (movies television, news, ect) companies love to shoot scenes in the area        




Some ways New York’s human behaviors are changed by the environment and how the environment changes to fit the needs of people are;

  • The citizens of New York need to use Air Conditioning in the summer and Heaters in the winter because of the earth’s climate.
  • New Yorker’s have completely changed the geography and land of this area to build skyscrapers along with the huge city.
  • This area has Hurricane occurrences, and when that happens, they need to evacuate the city.
  • Air Pollution from factories, buildings, and road construction workers interfere with the ozone layer.
  • Because there is water surrounding the entire island, humans have had to adapt and build a bridge to be able to get to New York


New York

Some Areas in New York that have relating characteristics and can be grouped with it are;




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